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Our Awards and Honourable Mentions

We are delighted to have received various forms of recognition of our work. Thank you very much! This motivates us to continue to work passionately towards furthering our vision and mission.

In 2022 & 2023, TOMS launched the 10x10 campaign to mark World Mental Health Day. Ten Mental Health organizations were selected worldwide. We are very proud and happy to belong to this illustrious circle.

We are particularly pleased to have received the Bayerischer Innovationspreis Ehrenamt 2022 (Bavarian Innovation Prize for Volunteer Work 2022) from Ulrike Scharf, the Bavarian Minister of State of the Bavarian State Ministry for the Family, Labour and Social Affairs.

We were nominated for the Deutschen Engagementpreis (German Prize for Volunteer Work) in 2021, and again in 2022.

In 2021 we received a four-month grant for advisory support from startsocial in the 2020/2021 startsocial competition. We were successful in reaching the Bundesauswahl, i.e. the top 25 of a total of 312 projects.